We speak to industry groups, at conferences and seminars and to individual hospitals or hospitalist groups on a variety of topics related to hospitalist practice.

For stand-alone presentations to hospitalist groups or hospital leadership groups/boards, we can build into the program ample question and answer time. Among the presentations we offer:

An Introduction to Hospitalist Practice

45 – 60 minutes

  • Forces that have led to the explosion in hospitalist practice nationally (as well as in other countries)
  • The current state of and future projections for hospitalist practice, e.g., numbers of hospitalists in practice, and variations in hospitalist scope of practice
  • Benefits of hospitalist practice for all stakeholders:
    • Patients (including summary of scientific research about effects of hospitalist model on healthcare quality and costs)
    • Hospitals and payers
    • Other (non-hospitalist) physicians
    • Hospitalists themselves
  • Concerns about the hospitalist model

A Culture of Practice Ownership

45 minutes to two hours

  • Why a physician mindset of practice ownership (even if they aren’t legal owners of their practice) is the most important key to a high performing hospital medicine practice
  • How to achieve an ownership mindset on the part of your hospitalists – specific discussions around aligning goals and interests, practice leadership, structural issues such as compensation and scheduling, and the how and why of providing the hospitalists with information about their performance

Hospitalists Staffing and Scheduling

45 – 60 minutes

  • How to determine the number of providers—MDs and (if applicable) non-physician providers (NPs, PAs)—your practice needs
  • How to address and staff for unpredictable patient volumes/workloads
  • Options for scheduling the staff you do have
  • Common staffing and scheduling problems
  • Thoughts on recruiting hospitalists

Hospitalist Compensation

45 – 60 minutes

  • Overview of existing data regarding compensation from survey reports and our own extensive consulting experience
  • Correlations between the amount of hospitalist compensation and workloads, plus other variables such as what party employs the hospitalists
  • Various options for the method of compensation, and pros and cons of each approach
  • Salary Attributes of a Compensation structure that anticipates future growth and evolution of the practice

Performance Monitoring Process and Dashboard

60 minutes

  • The importance of having some kind of data tracking/reporting system
  • Types of data to collect, and where to find it
  • How to present and use the data

Developing a Surgical Hospitalist Program

60 minutes

  • An overview of specialty hospitalist models—e.g., laborists, GI and psych hospitalists, neurologic hospitalists and others outside the common medical/pediatric hospitalist practices
  • The forces leading to the growth of the surgical hospitalist model
  • The difference between surgical hospitalists, acute care surgeons, traumatologists, and similar terms
  • Operational issues
  • The surprising similarities and dissimilarities between surgical and “medical” hospitalist practice
  • Where to find the surgeons to staff your practice
  • Who should employ the surgical hospitalists
  • How many surgical hospitalists an institution needs, and ideas about scheduling and compensating them
  • How to anticipate and mitigate your existing general surgeons’ concerns about a new surgical hospitalist practice

Measuring Hospitalist Return on Investment

60 minutes

  • Why hospitalist programs require financial support—and how much is typical
  • Key reasons why organizations choose to subsidize their hospitalist programs
  • Which benefits are measurable
  • Taking “soft” or non-quantifiable benefits into consideration
  • Practical methods for measuring ROI, including important analysis considerations

Negotiating a Contract between a Hospital and a Hospitalist Group

60 minutes

  • What you should expect the agreement to do for you
  • Setting up a win-win proposition
  • Key provisions you can’t afford to miss
  • What you should expect to pay
  • Alternative methods for structuring the financial support
  • Monitoring program performance and contract compliance

We’re happy to customize these presentations for specific audiences, or to speak on other topics related to hospital medicine. We can also include one or more of these presentations during a site visit that is part of a larger consulting engagement. Please call John Nelson at 425.467.3316 or email us at info@nelsonflores.com to discuss your presentation needs.